iSponsorBlockTV block YouTube sponsor sections on local Apple TVs


This is the first addon I’ve released and there be dragons.

This addon lets you run iSponsorBlockTV to block YouTube sponsor sections on any connected Apple TV. It must be run on the local network.

Known Issues

  1. You need to run iSponsorBlockTV elsewhere first to authenticate with the Apple TVs. You must then take the generated config and turn it into YAML to use in the addon settings. This only needs to run when you add Apple TVs.
  2. There is currently no connection with the existing Home Assistant Apple TV integration, this addon uses it’s own keys to communicate with the Apple TVs (hence the above step).

I need some major help configuring your add in

It definitely requires installing the main iSponsorBlockTV (not related to Home Assistant) and extracting the config file after configuring it. Just paste it into the edit addon YAML box and it gets converted. It’s nice to have watchdog option just in case and also see the logs after it’s been started.

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In the screen id there is number like: 270099966658? in this format? from the “link with tv” screen in youtube “app” settings that is running on the tv?
and the name I can set myself?

I’m trying to do manual config from HA side, without ssh

For me it does not seem to work - or at least ads are not muted (I stopped paying premium because of sponsors and ui on desktop, so I get ads now)

api key is from youtube data v3 api?

How do I run setup wizzard thing on normal isponsblocktv running in docker after initial setup? --setup
:point_right: Installation · dmunozv04/iSponsorBlockTV Wiki (