Ispy - Agent DVR notify HA android app when alert

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I have setup for Agent DVR local only and I would like to recive push message with photos when alert deceted to my HA android app.

There is all opcions what I can use in Agent DVR:

Thank you for your input.

I use the Call URL to send a webhook to HA and then use that in an automation

Or you could send an MQTT message and have that trigger an automation


Would you mind sharing your setting? I am not familiar with webhook or mqtt yet.
I have a HA cloud service so the webhook should be ok

Assume you know how to create a webhook ?

This automation stores the camera snapshot at time of motion, and sends it to my phone.

You’ll need to change the nabu casa address, webhook id, camera name and notify service to match yours

- alias: Front Door Motion Webhook ON
  mode: restart
    - platform: webhook
      webhook_id: front_door_motion
    - service: camera.snapshot
        entity_id: camera.front_door
        filename: '/media/motion/Front Door {{ now().strftime("%d.%m.%Y-%H.%M.%S") }}.jpg'
    - service: camera.snapshot
        entity_id: camera.front_door
        filename: /config/www/snapshots/front_door_latest.jpg
    - service: notify.mobile_app
        message: Motion at the front door
        title: Home Automation
          priority: high
          ttl: 0
          image: ""

and add this to your confuiguration.yaml:

    - /config
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Thank you,
Its working nice when I call curl -X POST <the webhook url> with my linux server.
But what should I put in Agent DVR call url: URL field?

If I just put there my public url of my webhook its nothing happening

thank you

I forgot but I actually use a batch file with this and run that on motion:

curl -d “” ID

If you look at your webhooks and click on MANAGE, it shows you the URL to use

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Thank you!

How have you used MQTT?