Ispy install on Raspberry Pi... help

Trying to get my Night Owl HD dvr camera integrated into HA. I found this ( ) but am unsure how or where would be the best plac to install it. I have my main desktop which is turned off after its used. I also have a RAspberry Pi 4 that has the hass:os on it. i would prefer to put it on the RPi as its always on.

nvm. answered my own question… its already in integrations…

so looks like i was wrong. its just the integration thats in integrations…duh. i still need to install the program somewhere. i have hass:io installed as an os on a raspberry pi. and as i said i have one other pc thats my main pc but i turn it off when im not using it as its in my bedroom and its not exactly a quiet pc. is there a way i can install the ‘agent dvr’ application on the rpi alongside the hassos or should i get another pc/rpi(preferably another rpi) and install it on there?