ISS map track gone since 2023.2

Anyone else using the ISS on a map and have the ISS “track” no longer show up?

On my ISS map, I have “hours_to_show” set for 1 hour and it used to show a line on the map of the path of the ISS. The path is gone now. I only see the current position on the map.

Any ideas? Is this happening to anyone else? Did I miss a breaking change? Am I just being dumb?

I still see it on the default map in HA under 2023.2.3 and the sensor seems to be updating correctly. If I click on the ISS icon in the default map, the updated time shows the last update with in seconds ago. However, if I go into the developer tools and look at the iss sensor, it shows being last update days ago. I’ve alway been a bit perplexed about what causes a sensor to show as being updated, and this latest move to time stamp field from date field in the recorder database, I’m wonder if you are seeing some behavior change in object attributes in 2023.2.x…

Exactly. I see the location icon on the Lovelace map, but it used to have a “track”. Now it’s just the current position, no more track. (Even changing hours doesn’t help.)

I’m seeing the same things with what updates when in the db, as well.

It’s not anything critical, but it was just cool to have. Thanks for confirming that I’m not crazy! Lol.