Issue after migrating HA to ssd

Hi, I’m having issues with my new HA , I decided to migrate it to an SSD last night and I first had issues with the conbee stick which had all the devices unavailable, I ended up adding them again, that seems to be solved .

Now the issue that worries me the most is when I try to update home assistant core to the latest version it takes so long , and it doesn’t install , apparently the pi gets disconnected and home assistant doesn’t even work , I have to turn off/on the pi so it can reboot , once I do that it restarts normally , but I still have the update notification. Which means the installation was completed.

Any clue how to fix this ?
Could the issue be google drive backup integration?

Well… It might make sense when you give more details about your setup. How is the SSSD connected. Did you make any performance test before you moved? What did you move? The whole OS? only HA? the venv when used? Which PI? USB cables?

SSD powered from the PI or separate power?