Issue Arming Alarm since most recent update with envisalink

for me its not fixed. Still error “Arming requires a code but none was given for alarm_control_panel.cellar_alarm”

but I have disabled code in configuration. Why its even needed when arming?

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Show your config yaml (without your code obviously)

Mines is working perfectly fine on 2024.6.2 now.

add the following to your yaml file under the alarm section.
code_arm_required: false


It works! Thank you!

Where exactly do I add this line? I’m using a different alarm integration, so that’s probably the issue but I want to see if this works. If I add it in the script that calls the entity to arm the alarm, it errors with “Extra keys are not allowed…”
If I put it under configuration where my alarm integration is set up, it errors for a bad configuration.

code_arm_required: false in the envisalink configuration causes the module to not load due to bad configuration.

This doesn’t work for me. I feel like I have a project coming up to replace my alarm system, since this integration isn’t seeing any effort.

Quickly fixed with code_arm_required: false

Many thanks!