Issue configuring Tuya IOTPlatform & HA v2023.4.6

I’m trying to configure the Tuya integration, and am using the Tuya documentation at

to setup the Tuya IOT platform. I’ve “Created my project” and am trying to “Link devices by app account” and am hitting a roadblock. After I’ve triedscanned the QR code produced by the Tuya developer site in both the Tuya Smart or the Smart Live iOS apps. In both cases, I get a page that says:

  • Scan QR to login &
  • Logging in “Non-Mobile Devices”, please make sure it was you

along with two buttons “Confirm login” and “Cancel”. When I click on “Confirm login”, both apps they display an line in red saying:

  • No access

I’m stumped as to how to proceed.

Any thoughts as to what I might be doing incorrectly?

Thanks for any help offered,


Fixed this issue. When scanning the QR code you have to be in the ‘Me’ section of the Tuya Smart or Smart Life app, not in the Home section.

Also, you have to ensure that you’ve selected the correct data center based upon the country associated with your Tuya Smart or Smart Live app account. The correct country can be found here: