Issue: HAOS requires fresh VB VM reboot when updating core or supervisor

I know Proxmox is the preferred VM for HA. For now I am using Virtualbox hosted in Windows.

Well over a year ago, I used the pre-built HAOS for VB and everything have been working fine. A few months ago, I started to notice that core or supervisor updates would just hang and not complete. I then discovered that if I rebooted the VM, a core or supervisor update will complete fine. The VM has plenty of storage and memory. I have not been able to capture any logs or insight as to what is going on. Add-ons and integrations update fine without a reboot.

Does anyone have an idea why this is happening and how it can be fixed (aside from creating a new VM or Proxmox)?


I sometimes see random errors on the console. Here is a new one I have not seen. Can someone please explain what it is (aside from what I can read on the message lol). Thanks.

Either bad RAM and/or SSD/HDD.

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Thanks. This is a Virtual Box guest. The Windows host is rock solid. Could this be a corrupted swap file or perhaps the HAOS guest is faulty?

Most likely corrupt swap. I suggest you recreate the VM or check if you have allocated enough VM disk space for HA to grow its storage.

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Thank you. I presume it’s a matter of creating a new HAOS VB instance and restoring the backup onto the new instance? Is there a way to get HAOS to recreate the swap without creating a new VM?

There is plenty of storage with the current instance, so I don’t believe that is the problem, but good thing to remember.

In HA if you have installed Advanced Terminal: swapoff -a


Test it first; I believe this setting will not survive reboot.