Issue in Zwave association in ZwaveJS2MQTT

I’m trying to set an association in ZwaveJS2MQTT

I’ve just migrated these devices over from a different hub, removed them from the old hub and added them in HA

When I go to the option it shows it as already associated but with a target endpoint of None

If I hit the delete on that, it does nothing - just stays there.

I have two flood sensors and the behaviour is the same

Can anyone advise?

Okay, I’ve worked it out myself - device needed to be woken using a specific button (not just a sensing event)

One additional question - I’m controlling a fibaro plug and wish for the on event to be indefinite (it’s a flood alarm) - Advanced parameters | FIBARO Manuals seems to imply the maximum time for it to recognise the alarm is 32400seconds (9 hours)

If we were, say on holiday, that might not be long enough

Anyone know a way to do this with associations?

I’m guessing I can have a HA automation that if it turns off to instantly turn it back on again, but the main point of using associations is so that if HA is not available for some reason, the house would still not flood!