Issue integrating pushover call in AppDaemon script

Hi Guys,

I am new to HA and I am struggling integrating pushover notifications in a AppDaemon script.

My configuration.yaml looks like this:

  - name: phone
    platform: pushover
    api_key: !secret api_key
    user_key: !secret user_key

The call in my AppDaemon script is:

self.call_service("notify/phone", title='bla bla', message='bla bla')

And the script fails with this in the log:

appdaemon.exceptions.ServiceException: ('Unknown service (%s/%s/%s) in call_service from %s', 'default', 'notify', 'phone', 'my_app')

I feel there is a silly mistake somewhere; can anyone help me with this?

Can you please share what a valid and functional service call to pushover looks like in HA?

This is a good point: actually, I can’t.

When I fire up the service manually (Developer Tools → Services, and I call notify.notify), nothing happens. Nothing in HA log and (of course) no pushover notification.

What I am missing here?

Found the solution: HA needs to be restarted for configuration.yaml changes to be applied.