Issue trying to use Nginx proxy manager for reverse proxy to HA

I can get to the login page of HA but when i try to log in I see the error unable to connect to Home Assistant and get the retry button, if i hit retry it just goes back to log in…

I see this in the browser console: ws://’ failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 400

I have my proxy set to support websockets and currently I have no SSL in the picture as I removed all that because I thought maybe I had something wrong in that configuration. I am able to connect to another server i have running apache thru that same proxy manager.

I should note I have all this running behind a Firewalla Gold running in router mode, and I have port 80 opened up and i also added 8123 just in case, but still no luck.

any help is appreciated.

I figured out what I was missing, even though in Nginx Proxy Manager console I selected support websockets, I still needed to add these 3 lines in the location for HA, in my case /