Issue with cover slider (Mushroom Card Mod)


I have a problem using the cover slider on the Mushroom cover card. For most covers using the slider just leads to nothing…the covers dont move and I dont know why. For just 2 Windows in our House the slider works as intended.

I really don’t know what the reason for this could be. Does it have something to do with the card or with the KNX installation/Integration?

Many thanks in advance for your help/ideas

have you compared the entity’s in developer tools. compare state/attributes to one that works and one that doesn’t.

Hey, i have compared the yaml Code. Its all the same with the different group adresses. Is that what you mean?

Buttons etc are working. Its Just the sliders that dont.

I don’t have covers but I would imagine the set_cover_position isn’t being exposed so it doesn’t know the position for the slider.


do you have a position in the entity details tab, or is it greyed out?

I dont know what to do in developer tools. It doesnt look similar, maybe because i use mushroom card mod? But Everywhere where I compare the attributes, they are realy all the same…weird…

If you look at the history, everything looks quite normal. When I press the slider, Home Assistant also thinks that the shutter has moved. However, it does not move. As I said… it works with some shutters and not with others. I couldn’t find any differences in the ETS itself.