Issue with custom components updating to core-2021.8.8 (from 2021.5.5)

I am experiencing an issue with custom components updating core version to a newer then 2021.5.5.

I have Homeassistant installed on a Raspberry using 2 custom components (correctly working on 2021.5.5):

  • Smart IR
  • Variable

When I update to newer version that 2021.5.5 (eg. 2021.8.8) I got an issue because these components are not loaded getting the following error messages on a log:

Platform error: climate - Integration 'smartir' not found.
22:50:24 – (ERRORE) - il messaggio si è verificato per la prima volta alle 22:50:23 e compare 2 volte
Setup failed for variable: Integration not found.
22:50:23 – (ERRORE)

Did I lost some important breaking changes? Someone is it experiencing the same error? Any help is great!


I’m having a similar issue. Upgrading from an 2021.4.3 to 2021.8.8. Did you get it resolved?

Have you checked if the manifest.json contains an entry for the version?

That is required for some time now and the custom integration isn’t loaded when the version is missing.

I got the solution! I upgradedSmartIR component to version 1.17 that includes the modification done for the breaking changes introduce by the core to solve the security vulnerability.

Pay attention that the variable components is not updated anymore since 2019, then no solution available for that (I disabled for the moment).