Issue with dashboard casting to Nest Hub via Nabu Casa

Since a short while I suddenly have issue casting dashboards to Google Nest Hub devices. I have 5 of such devices and they all suffer from the same. Sometimes it works ~20% (as it did for a long time), but more often I just see a blank screen. (Casting again will not solve it, casting someting else and than the dashboard again sometimes will)

What happens:

  • Start casting using an automation (worked for a long time, no changes)
  • Splash screen is displayed (with Nabu casa icon)
  • Text not connected is changed to connected.
  • Splash screen disappears, but no dashboard is showing.
  • However, If i check the HUB entity value in HA it is saying: “playing” and the dashboard name that should be there.

I did not change anything on the automations and they do sometimes work. That’s not the issue.
Changing volume, casting most other things works fine. So, no connectivity issues. (However, TTS via Nabu Casa sometimes fails also)

In the logs I notice tons of different errors related to casting:
ERROR: Exception thrown when calling cast status listener (Source: /usr/local/lib/python3.10/site-packages/pychromecast/controllers/
WARNING: _connect_hass failed for https://<*******>
ERROR: Exception in _handle_signal_show_view when dispatching ‘cast_show_view’

I tried searching for these errors but no luck so far in pinpointing this issue.
Anyone with the golden tip or can point me in the right direction how to troubleshoot?

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I have the same exact issue. Found no solution yet.


Unfortunately, the new HA update did not solve the update.
Any hints or tips? It is still happening at random, also many errors in the logs but its difficult to troubleshoot.

However, with some additional testing I observer, re-casting the same dashboard after ~10-15 seconds make it work again. So it appears something goes wrong with the initial connection (after the splash screen / initial connection).