Issue with disappearing icons

I have lightbulb cards in Lovelace that are tied to ZWave dimmer entities, and the icons for some of them aren’t displaying all the time. The entity doesn’t have any icon, the card has mdi: icons.

I’ve been able to reproduce the issue by refreshing the Lovelace dashboard….some icons disappear. Click “edit”, then they all appear. Close the editing view, the icons stay. Refresh the dashboard, the same icons disappear again.

The main issue though is that I can’t tap to turn on/off when the cards are in this state of not having an icon.

I don’t see anything relevant in the logs, how would I start troubleshooting this? Happening on Safari, chrome and iOS app.

Example -

Home Assistant 2021.9.7 Running latest Docker on Ubuntu

Is this all on an apple device? If yes, this problem is known as apple changed things with the web connection yet again. You’ll have to wait until there’s a fix but it should only happen on iOS devices. I.e. mac, iphone, etc.

Just refresh the page.

It seems like it’s only on webkit (all iOS/iPad OS being Chrome, safari and HASS App), macOS Safari as well but not macOS Chrome. Do you know the bug i’m hitting? Refreshing the page doesn’t work.

This was resolved with macOS 12 and iOS/iPadOS 15.1
still not sure exactly what the issue was