Issue with energy dashboard on multi-pv system

I have what I think is a bug in the energy dashboard having to do with my rather unique PV setup. I have two separate sets of panels on my roof: an Enphase system and a Tesla system (no Powerwall) installed several years later.

As a result, I have two PV production feeds flowing into Home Assistant. I have one grid feed coming in, from the Tesla system. However, given how my systems were installed, the grid feed only reflects my home’s usage relative to my Tesla PV production. In other words, if for example my Tesla panels are producing 3 kW, my Enphase system is producing 3 kW, and my home is using 3 kW, Tesla will report 0 net power usage from the grid even though I’m actually feeding 3 kW back to the grid.

So in HA I have a custom helper called Net Energy Usage to take Tesla’s reported daily grid energy and subtract the Enphase’s daily production, to report my true grid usage for the day. This works fine, and on my custom Solar dashboard all the data is accurate.

However, the built-in Energy dashboard doesn’t like this helper data. I believe this is because it wants me to have one value for my grid usage and one for my grid return. But given my setup, I can’t really do that afaik. What happens is each day when the net energy usage value resets to 0, the Energy dashboard treats that like a similar negative hit to start the day.

Any ideas on how I can get my system to play nicely with the Energy dashboard, other than removing home consumption data entirely?

A bunch of screenshots of my config follow.

Net energy usage setup:

My solar dashboard, all values jive with their respective source apps:

The Energy dashboard, going bonkers by treating midnight as a negative usage entry rather than a reset from the prior day, even though the net energy usage value resets at midnight like the other values (which are handled correctly) do:

I should mention that the reason the net energy usage doesn’t quite line up with home energy usage - total pv prod today is due to an outage of the Tesla reporting this am.

Hey there,

the bug is within your setup. The negative value is caused because the sensor doesn’t reset, but calculates a new value. Additionally the sensors probably reset at 00:00:12, which is also a problem. I don’t have either of your inverters, but I think I can still help you out.

So the simple solution should be to make an Utility Meter where you check “Periodically resetting” and the sensor being your template. That will “hide” your old data, so if you really want to keep it, you can change the template’s code to something like 0.0, but leave it in your energy dashboard and then create a new template with your old code and bind the Utility Meter to the new template sensor.

The initial problem is that your dashboard is not completely configured, because the blue bars should never be negative per definition and the yellow and purple bars, which show the consumed solar energy and fed-in energy, are missing. So you need to make new sensors to differ between self consumption and feed-in.
As, like I said, I don’t use the two integrations and don’t know your setup, the help I can give you is limited. A kickstart I can give you is to direct you to the recommended configuration of the enphase integration.

If you want me to help you further, I need screenshots of the sensors you get from tesla and enphase and probably the locations of the inverters and the energy meter from enphase in your home.
The screenshot here should help you with the last one:

Thanks for the tips. I think I’ve got things sorted out now.