Issue with ESP32-POE

I have a couple of older ESP32-POE’s and they work with esphome really well.

I ordered another couple which only arrived this week, but the same configuration just doesnt seem to work.
It powers up by POE but never gets a network link. Its a slightly different layout, so must be a different revision to the others I have, although i cant see any revision info printed on it.

I am using this configuration, which is the same as my others, as straight off the esphome docs

  type: LAN8720
  mdc_pin: GPIO23
  mdio_pin: GPIO18
  clk_mode: GPIO17_OUT
  phy_addr: 0
  power_pin: GPIO12

There are a few esp32 poe boards, which one?

Just “esp32-poe”, from olimex.

Not iso etc.

“From Olimex” is at least a start.

Their stuff is quite well documented, so look what has changed from the old device to the new.

I found the model info

Ive posted on the olimex forum too, as i just cant work it out.
Was hoping someone else here had run into the same problem.

There are already posts on Olimex here. I don’t see a solution posted but you should ask