Issue with History Graphs

I’ve been dealing with an issue where my history graphs have a gap in data for the previous 2.5 hours (approximately). It happens on all my graphs, and started with my upgrade to 2023.12, I’m currently on 2024.2.5. What’s interesting is the missing data will be filled in if I open the graph 3 hours later (for the same time span). For example, if I open a history graph at 3:30pm, there will be missing data back to 1pm. If I open the same graph at 7pm, the missing data from 1pm - 3:30pm is there, but the data from 4:30pm to 7pm is missing.

I suspect this might have something to do with the changes that were made to incorporate long term statistics into the history dashboard.
2023.12: Welcome home! - Home Assistant.

Any insight you can provide is appreciated.

I guess it’s also worth mentioning that I have the recorder configured to use MariaDB on a remote server. It’s been configured this way for several years (no recent changes).