Issue with HomeKit not showing devices after paring


I was wondering if I could get some help, I have setup on raspberry Pi v3+.

All going well and today wanted to get my wemo switch into apple home kit. I added home assistant as an accessory and it paired okay but no devices were found (even though I have two AppleTVs and the Wemo showing in my dashboard).

I removed it a few times and even used the filter and tried to set the wemo using entity_config. All with no luck.

Then the last time I just left everything at default and it found one of my AppleTV’s in homekit and it works as expected (like a switch, matching the dashboard).

I just wanted to see if anyone one else has had this issue and if there is any logging or something else I should do?

Running HassOS 1.13 supervisor Version 141

I know a little about the config files and how Linux stuff works in general but I have found where to add things in the config to be a steep learning curve.

Any help appreciated.

Please note, I did have the wemo device working using homebridge, this was before I installed home assistant (I am keeping this) and have deleted it from homekit.