Issue with integrating play_media into blueprint

Hi all

I have set up the following blueprint, which, after clicking the Aqara smart button, triggers a number of optional actions.

I am experiencing issues with the play_media part of this.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open blueprint
  2. Select a trigger button
  3. Select a media player and media
  4. Save

Expected result: Automation gets saved and can be used
Actual result: Error message

Message malformed: Entity {{ mt_target }} is neither a valid entity ID nor a valid UUID for dictionary value @ data['action'][4]['then'][0]['choose'][0]['conditions'][0]['entity_id']

I noticed that the input selector media: explained here is presenting the data in a different format than the actual play_media action explained here. See especially the disappearance of data and target.

Based on this I tried to follow the proper play_media action setup and just extract individual values from the input dictionary.
It seems that something isn’t working there.

Can you help me out? Or is there even a better way that doesn’t require to extract the values from the dictionary? It says here that this is no longer necessary, but I can’t figure out how to set this up properly.

Thank you for your support!!

Not my area of expertise, but I would guess that entity_id there is text, not an entity_id.

Not really sure how to fix that. You might want to change the topic to add the template tags and see if one of the templating experts can help.

Thanks! I just changed it to Configuration and added the templates tag - hoping someone can help out :slight_smile:

@Sir_Goodenough Do you maybe know of a better way to do this without templating? My last link said something about this not being necessary anymore, but it seems I’m doing something wrong.

Is anybody able to provide some guidance here?