Issue with Integration - Riemann sum integral since 2024.5 update

Is anyone else having issues since HA 2024.5 update, the entities do not seem to be updating correctly?

Before 2024.5 update

after 2024.5 update

as you can see Lounge Sockets 1 Left is no longer updating, as are all my o9ther template entergy sensors.

- platform: integration
  name: Lounge Sockets 1 Left energy
  unique_id: c3b3fd9c-03c0-46a7-9bf4-ceeeb0d01efb
  source: sensor.lounge_sockets_1_power_left
  unit_prefix: k
  round: 3

forget this, it seems to be an issue with Zigbee2MQTT, not updating the power sensor.