Issue with log/recorder after update

Hi all.

I am using the IHC component and efter update to HA 0.65.1 i get the following error code and recordimg and log stops working.

ERROR (Recorder) [homeassistant.components.recorder.util] Error executing query: <Element ‘product_dataline’ at 0x69dd4b10> is not JSON serializable

When i remove IHC component it works fine. Adding IHC and it stops working.

I think 0.651 was working fine.

Any help outthere?

How many IHC devices do you have? Also, Have you tried updating to the latest and greatest?

I have between 40-50 device on my IHC system.

Do you mean updating the IHC controler? I did that 1-2 month agove but i can give it a tjek.

It works fine with turning on lights ect. It “only” recoding and log that stops working i HA.

I mean Home assistant latest and greatest.

I asked about the number of devices because I was wondering if you could remove some and try to start it up again. the errors make it look like one of the devices has bad information in it.