Issue with lovelace cards using cast

I have a google/nest hub that ive been using to show a lovelace dashboard for quite a while now.

Its been working fine for ages, but at some point recently a bunch of my entities and glance cards stopped working. I cant be certain if its related to an HA update, but it did happen around the same time I upgraded HA to 2023.2.x

The dashboard loads, but a number of cards are blank. The cards are mostly just glances and thermostats. The same lovelace view works fine on every other device i have tried it on. Other lovelace views do the same thing, I havent been able to work out if its a particular card type.

Was there a change somewhere Ive missed or something else weird going on?

This must have been a HA core issue.
I upgraded to 2023.3.1 this morning and its working as per usual.