Issue with motion sensor alerting every 4 hours


I’ve this problem since several months. It started on Jan 28 (because it sends SMS I could trace it back), so I guess it might have something to do with " Bump ZHA dependency zigpy to 0.60.6 ([@puddly] - [#108266]" in 2024.1.5.

Devices are TS0202, _TZ3000_mcxw5ehu.
They were working fine until then, now they detect false positive every 4 hours.
I’ve seen similar cases, ending with “sent back, got other”, but as they did work fine for over a year, I guess it’s more of a configuration/code problem.

If it is a battery-powered device then be sure to replace the battery with a fresh one, (as the reported power level reading presented by many devices are often not aqurate), and note that power will drain faster if you do not have main-powered Zigbee Router devices close to each battery-powered device.

Also check that your device is connected via a “known good” Zigbee Router device and not directly to the Zigbee Coordinator →

Suggest add a different model of Zigbee Router device closer to it and see if still have same issue after it connected to that Zigbee Router instead of the previous Zigbee Router that it was connected to.

Regardless of the root cause, before troubleshooting any deeper you should first really take some basic actions to avoid EMI and add more Zigbee Router devices that act as repeaters/extenders so try to follow all the best practice tips in this guide here, as doing so removes many known Zigbee issues:

If that does not work then also recommend upgrade the firmware on your Zigbee Coordinator adapter.

This and more general issues are also covered in ZHA docs troubleshooting section, so read that too:

Also read these other ZHA documentation sections which are also related:

Thanks for your answer.
Most of the points have been checked or ensured at installation :

  • I have 4 motion devices, all 4 behave the same. they are in different places in the house.
  • strangely, 3 of them have same LQI/RSSI : 172/-57. Last one is slightly bellow (160/-60)
  • 2 of them have had battery replaced recently. They show 100%, the 2 others show 56 & 72%
  • all are connected to their nearest light bulb, not the coordinator
  • I have 2 tp-link access points and set WiFi 2.4 channels (7 and 13) according to the Zigbee channel (11). House is detached and has very little wifi environment.
  • all other zigbee devices work fine. 37 including lights, switches, door sensors, temp/humidity sensors…

That’s why I wonder if there has been a change in version 2024.1.5 that could explain. All 4 started alerting at the same date.

Edit : motion sensor reference : TS0202, manufacturer : _TZ3000_mcxw5ehu