Issue with node-red and mqtt -- sees items with # but not some specific topics (SOLVED.. in 2nd post)

I’m having issue with node-red not seeing all topics

In this example, I’m looking for Topics starting with ‘lirc’

I’ve created 2 flows.
The first flow is looking for lirc
The second flow listens for # (which shows all topics)

in the debug, it shows the incoming traffic under Debug 27
but nothing from Debug 24 which should be showing the ‘lirc’ topic

I also have zigbee2mqtt and it’s working as expected. I can specifically look for those topic.
for example:
zigbee2mqtt/Aqara button


Subscribing to “lirc/” will only respond to messages where the topic is exactly “lirc/” - and not anything starting with that string. To subscribe to “everything under lirc”, use “lirc/#”. You can also use “+” to match anything at a given level - for example “lirc/+/+” to find all “3-level lirc messages”.

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this worked… thanks