Issue with numpy

I suddenly started having issues with the numpy installation in appdaemon, it may have been when updating to homeassistant 2021.8.1. It now says:


Importing the numpy C-extensions failed. This error can happen for
many reasons, often due to issues with your setup or how NumPy was

We have compiled some common reasons and troubleshooting tips at:

Please note and check the following:

  * The Python version is: Python3.9 from "/usr/bin/python3"
  * The NumPy version is: "1.21.1"

and make sure that they are the versions you expect.
Please carefully study the documentation linked above for further help.

Original error was: No module named 'numpy.core._multiarray_umath'

My homeassistant installation states this:

Host Operating System 	Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
Update Channel 	stable
Supervisor Version 	supervisor-2021.06.8
Docker Version 	20.10.8
Disk Total 	108.1 GB
Disk Used 	81.7 GB
Healthy 	true
Supported 	true
Supervisor API 	ok
Version API 	ok
Installed Add-ons 	AppDaemon 4 (0.7.0), Mosquitto broker (6.0.1), Plejd (0.8.0-beta), File editor (5.2.0), Check Home Assistant configuration (3.8.0), Grafana (7.2.0), InfluxDB (4.2.1), Duck DNS (1.13.0), Dnsmasq (1.4.4), Z-Wave JS (0.1.37), Node-RED (9.1.1)

I have added numpy in requirements.txt which I put in the same folder as appdaemon.yaml, is there anything else I could do to get this working?

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I have the same problem. Did you find a solution?

Nope, it seems the solution is not known. I would expect more people to want to use numpy with appdaemon. I mean if I check the python version in the installation, it’s not python3.9, it’s python3.7. On the other hand it’s running in a docker so I don’t know what it’s actually running.

Hi everyone,

I don’t use numpy myself, but I am quite familiar with it. I checked that if you start AppDaemon with the following config, you get the error you mentioned.

system_packages: []
python_packages: [numpy]
- python3 -c 'import numpy as np; print(np.__version__)'

So, I started exploring the problem, and it seems that AppDaemon is running in an Alpine Linux, and this type of packages normally gives problem for this Linux distro. It is when I found a system package for the Alpine distro that installs numpy (py3-numpy), so you could change the config for the following:

system_packages: [py3-numpy]
python_packages: []
- python3 -c 'import numpy as np; print(np.__version__)'

This worked for me. It gave me back the numpy version 1.20.3 (which is not the latest). The important part is the py3-numpy, the rest can just be ommited.

Hope this helps.

Xavi M.


Perfect. This worked for me.

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Thanks, it works for me too! I changed the configuration under supervisor for appdaemon (I first tried to find a file manually so I’m putting this info here for others who might have the same issue)

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