Issue with Reolink doorbell rich notifications

I’m trying to configure a notification for the Reolink Doorbell that will show a preview/load the live stream in on iOS and have an action button. It’s working sporadically, but sometimes shows a black screen instead when long pressing the notification. I have to click out and long press it again and it will then show the preview. I guess it’s showing the snapshot that is created in the previous step and then the livestream. I’m also not seeing a small thumbnail in the push notification which supposedly should be there.

The last issue is my action button which I’m testing to turn on a light isn’t working. I’ve tested the service call directly outside of the automation and it works fine for turning the light on, so maybe my YAML is incorrect?

Any help would be great, thanks!

P.S. I’m calling the snapshots remotely through nabu and just put xxxx for privacy reasons.

alias: Doorbell snapshot test
description: ""
  - type: motion
    platform: device
    device_id: 03a93d7fbd0c813b769e93d047c2aef1
    entity_id: d503a3f572b85c9a86332484f8a10ae8
    domain: binary_sensor
condition: []
  - service: camera.snapshot
      filename: /config/www/tmp/doorbell-snapshot.jpg
      entity_id: camera.doorbell_sub
  - service: notify.mobile_app_iphone
      message: test
      title: Title test
        image: >-
        entity_id: camera.doorbell_sub
          - service: light.turn_on
            title: Turn light on
              entity_id: light.lumi_lumi_switch_b1laus01_light
mode: single
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