Issue with Roku device keeps rediscovering on restart

Recently I assigned a new IP address to my Roku device, when I originally added this device to HA I did so with the integration via IP. I had given the Roku a reserved dhcp ip however I needed to change it so I did. However with I noticed that the HA integration has no way to update the ip of a device, I see this issue with other integrations but was able to resolve it by manually changing the ip in the .storage location. I did this with the roku device, however with it everytime I restart HA I get an alert stating it discovered a new device (the roku) I configure it by entering the IP and it throw back a error stating it already exists. The roku works but this is a annoyance.

Is there a better way to update an integration?

Ok so I thought i fixed this by deleting the Roku integration, restarting and it discovers it and I add it. Great. however not every time I restart HA it discovers it again and the same problem.

I have the same issue.
got a couple of Roku’s at home - at least one of them keeps alerting on discovery although both show up in the integration.
I removed and added them back, both devices have dedicated fixed IP but still one shows up as new constantly after restart.