Issue with solid state relay!


Building a new LED strip control system with PIR, I wanted to use some solid state relays I have since ages: (one channel version). I have wired the DC+ of the solid state relay board at 5V used too for powering my ESP board, DC- goes to GND, and CH1 is wired on a GPIO of my ESP.
Output switches DC 12V powering a LED strip.
The solid state relay doesn’t react at state of GPIO it’s wired too (I’m sure the GPIO works as it was previously wired to a traditional relay working fine. I noticed also the relay itself becomes very hot quickly :frowning:
Any experiences with these components ?



These things aren’t rated for DC loads. They use a triac switch that requires the zero crossing of an AC signal to turn off.

ah oups thanks and I better understand now the issue with it :wink: will go with classic mecanical relay then !

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