Issue with Switch Helper and Automations

I have noticed an issue when converting a switch to a light.
In the below sample list note that integration value for the Exterior Uplight device has the value “Change device type of a switch” followed by “Z-Wave Js”. Conversely the Entrance light has the values in the opposite sequence

When I add the Entrance Light as the trigger device for an automation, I am able to select a trigger as below.
When I add the Exterior Uplight as the trigger device I cannot select a trigger.

I have converted about 20 switches to Lights and it about half of them have the integration sequence of “Change device type of a switch” followed by “Z-Wave Js” and all of these exhibit the same behavior.
Any suggestions on how to fix this would be appreciated.

Use a state trigger instead. With the entity going to the state of on.

I could do that, but I would rather fix the issue.