Issue with Tuya Climate Controls

Hello, I got a Tuya integrated climate from Suntec “Coolfixx Advance 2023 - Portable Air Conditioner 12.000” and since the beginning of this month the climate controls from Tuya Cloud no longer work correctly.

Homeassistant also only shows a limited feature set of sensors/actors, as it has been when I freshly integrated the device and it was set to “Standard Insctruction” in Tuya Cloud. Basically instead of “Heat/Dry/Cool/Fan” only “Cool/Off” HVAC Modes were available.
After setting that to “DP Instruction” all controls were available.
I thought it is the same problem again, but the device still is set to “DP Instruction”. I also tried removing and reconnecting the device to Tuya again and even switched from Smart Life App to Tuya Smart App.
The app itself doesn’t have any issues though - I can control everything from the app.

But sending an instruction from Tuya Cloud doesn’t work for anything else than turning it off and on, increase/decrease temperature, and put it to sleep mode.
I can’t change fan speed levels and I can’t change HVAC Modes.
But sending instruction like changing hvac mode seems to reach the climate because the climate device makes a beep sound, it just doesn’t actually change the mode though.

Did maybe some sort of firmware update break something? How would I downgrade again?
It’s possible that I triggered a firmware update from inside the Smart Life App but I’m not sure.

Or is there any other issue with the instruction set from tuya cloud?