Issue with Xiaomi MI CAMERA 2K Magnetic Mount (Model: Integration in Home Assistant

Hi everyone,

I’m facing a challenge with my Xiaomi MI CAMERA 2K Magnetic Mount, model, integrated into Home Assistant. I’ve used this integration from GitHub: Hass Xiaomi Miot. Additionally, here’s the camera’s specification link: MI CAMERA 2K Magnetic Mount Specs.

My problem is that although I can access and adjust the camera’s settings through Home Assistant, I can’t view the live video feed. It seems the video streaming functionality isn’t working within Home Assistant, even though the camera is working fine as I can view the live stream through Xiaomi’s official app.

If anyone has encountered a similar issue or knows any potential fixes, your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Did you manage to get anywhere with this?

I was thinking about buying this camera because it’s so cheap, but I can’t find a custom firmware that supports it :confused:

Your best bet is likely to find a custom firmware that allows you to use the camera as a simple RTSP cam. Scrypted is a brilliant add-on for HA, if you want to add HomeKit support to non-HomeKit cameras :blush: