Issue with Yamaha Scene selection in automation

I have had an automation that has run for months without issue. It is a simple call to my AVR Yamaha to turn on when my Sonos Port starts playing music and change to a scene on the AVR called ‘Sonos’.
The media player is defined in my configuration.yaml as -

  • platform: yamaha

My automation stopped working this week and complains there is not entity_id target -

Stopped because an error was encountered at May 6, 2022, 7:57:19 AM (runtime: 0.01 seconds)
must contain at least one of entity_id, device_id, area_id.

Looking at the automation it is correct. Nothing is listed. But I am not able to select the Yamaha device at all when trying to call the scene.

Same thing in the developer tools as well. No entity listed for the yamaha: Select scene service.
Anyone know what broke it? I did update HA core recently and maybe something I was doing now has a new way of working but I’m at a loss. Any help appreciated.

Exactly the same problem here. This was already broken for more than weeks I think. Looking forward to find a solution as well.

I basically just had to edit my automation to call service to select source and select sound mode since I can no longer call select scene for that device. So it works again but would like to know what broke it.