Issue with z-wave js server 1.28.0-10.21.0 and zooz zen31 devices

After upgrading to z-wave js server 1.28.0-10.21.0, my zooz zen31 rgbw dimmers started acting strangely. By strangely, I mean their state reflected in HA would not match the physical state of the device. For example, turning off the device in HA would physically work, but HA would still show it as on. The devices were also very slow to react to state changes as well, but the main issue appears to be the mismatch between HA state and physical state. Reverting to 1.28.0-10.20.0 fixed the problem. I don’t know if there were other zwave issues as well, this was just the one I noticed.

I’m running HA (2023.5.3) and zwave js as docker images using podman, if that information is helpful.

Could be a bug in ZWave JS, have you reported it on their Github? This doesn’t sound like an HA issue, but rather a ZWave JS issue.