Issues after upgrade to latest versions (214 / 3.12) [Solved]


I just upgraded my installation to the latest versions of the supervisor (214) and host system (HassOS 3.12).

Now, some of the UI elements are no longer working:

  • Clicking on the Profile name left bottom shows a blank screen with spinner
  • Clicking on Notifications doesn’t do anything at all
  • Clicking on Developer Tools shows a blank screen with spinner

Is this a known issue?

Many thanks

There is an issue with supervisor 212 and older HA versions. Upgrading to supervisor 214 should fix the problem.

Thanks for the reply. Weird, I’m pretty sure I saw 212 but its actually 214 I’m running (HassOS is 3.12). So I’m seeing these issues with 214. I have edited my original post to reflect this.

Try clearing your web browser cache and connecting again.

Yup, that worked. Many thanks.