Issues casting Lovelace to Nest Hub

Hi all,

Im a newby and using Home Assistant for some months now with great satisfaction!
But Im running into a problem:
I run Home Assistant in a RP4 using the direct installation method on a sd-card.
Now I want to cast some Lovelace views to a Google Nest hub. Initially all works fine, made an https account on Nuba casa and authorised it on
At first it seems to work, but it doesn’t.
It looks like the Nest doesn’t have access to the files stored on the Pi, so: all live data is showing, but all the data that is stored somewhere else isn’t.
For example a graph with the temperature over the last 24 hours DOES show the actual temperature that the sensor records right now but it DOESN’T show any of the history data graph (it just says “loading”). Also custom entity_pictures stored in www-folder aren’t showing on the nest hub.

What am I not seeing? I’ve been struggling with this for days now! Can’t seem to find any solution to this. To me it feels like the nest has no access to read the files it requires to get the data.

Hopefully someone can help me with this!
Thanks a lót in advance.


I’ve always had issues as well.
Following this thread.

did you ever figure this out? i have the same exact setup and the same exact problem :frowning: