Issues migrating from HA OS on Pi4 -> Docker on Linux

Still exploring best platform options… I’ve tried Core/pi and HA OS/pi. But I’m not sure that I feel the Pi is the most resilient platform. So I installed the Docker instance on my Centos 7 server. Then I replaced the vanilla /config with my last pi snapshot. 2021.3.4. I’ve run into a few issues that i’d love some advice on:

  • Lost all Google Cast integrations. They just looked broken. I tried deleting the integrations and re-adding - but get message “No devices found on the network”. I have a sense it’s that the docker container doesn’t 'know; about the network - but not sure how to work the problem.

  • Same with onHub (google wifi) sensors… all MIA. Probably same cause.

Other than that - it looks okay. All my MQTT integrations are still good to go.
I see the add-on / store is gone … I guess I’d need to get docker versions of the add-on and manually integrate.

As always … help or advice greatly apprecated.