Issues pairing Aqara FP1?

I am trying to deploy an Aqara FP1 via ZHA on Home Assistant (latest version). I’m able to detect and add the Aqara FP1, however, it fails to add other sensors and it fails to load device information such as Device Temperature. Last Seen timestamp also fails to update. I’ve tried resetting the device and repairing ~10 times and have power cycled the device and also restarted Home Assistant several times.

Has anyone else experienced this? / Any ideas?

During pairing in the logs, I also see:

[0x35DB](lumi.motion.ac01): power source: Mains
[0x35DB](lumi.motion.ac01): completed initialization
monitoring_mode is not supported - skipping AqaraMonitoringMode entity creation
approach_distance is not supported - skipping AqaraApproachDistance entity creation
motion_sensitivity is not supported - skipping AqaraMotionSensitivity entity creation

I logged a bunch more data and screenshots here: [BUG] Issue pairing and subsequent updating of Aqara FP1 (zhaquirks.xiaomi.aqara.motion_ac01.AqaraLumiMotionAc01) · Issue #2276 · zigpy/zha-device-handlers · GitHub
But I figured posting here might get some visibility / someone might have run into the same issue as I’m encountering.

Any help would be much appreciated – thank you!