Issues post restore

While troubleshooting some zigbee2mqtt new device issues, I restored by snapshot from hassos to Ubuntu
I had to recreate the home-assistant_v2.db as it was complaining it was corrupted

Now when accessing a few locations in the GUI it appears to have issues

Configuration\Devices - Produces a ‘Error while loading page devices’ message is presented
Configuration\Integrations\MQTT: Mosquitto broker - Shows no devices (I see lots of icons on the ‘Integrations’ page, and the existing devices still update correctly in hassio

Hassio also upgraded to the latest 0.104 build post restore, I do not know if this existing post restore pre update

Can anyone help with these issues ?

If you db was screwd sound like other files are as well.
You may have to blow away the devices file in .storage

@Harry13 which file in .storage ?
I do not see one called ‘devices’

Would prefer to not have to start my hassio from scratch (although there isnt much in it)

in the .storage folder there is
is just a file with json data in it

@Harry13 Should I just delete it and restart ?
I can open the .json file and it has data in it

better to always rename rather than delete
easy to put back


Job for tomorrow
Have just got my new zigbee RGBW downlight manually added to zigbee2mqtt, so do not want to reboot just yet

Just looping back onto how I fixed this

I deleted everything in the /config folder
Restarted Hassio
Restored everything except for ‘Home Assistant’
Deleted the SQL db

Then everything came good (lost history of cause)