Issues upgrading home assistant with supervisor

alright I will give it a try now

  1. stop all the hassio containers first
  2. setup the home-assistant stand alone
  3. copy all files from hassio->home-assistant folder to the new installation

How about the backup of my love-lace UI, I don’t maintain yaml file for that I actually edit directly from the home-assistant ui. ?

all should be in /config

great, will let you know how it goes. thanks for all your help.

just remembered, I used to have home-assistant inside my docker-compose file before I had supervisor method. I use to have trouble with either Alexa or home-kit bridge becaz I was unable to setup home-assistant in network: host mode. I am now afraid I would run into same situation again.

here is the update.
I am unable to stop all the hassio containers including the supervisor. I am trying to stop it from portainer and it shows stopped then when I refresh all are running again. what am I doing wrong?

in docker-compose: from

version: '3'
    container_name: home-assistant
    image: homeassistant/home-assistant:stable
      - /PATH_TO_YOUR_CONFIG:/config
      - TZ=America/New_York
    restart: always
    network_mode: host

Thanks for the info, very helpful

I was able to stop and remove the hassio services and stop the containers. for now I just renamed the hassio folder into hassio.die

added the homeassistant:stable into my docker-compose and started it.
first time when it run it asked me to create new username, I ignored it and stopped the new instance of ha and moved the content from my old home assistant folder to the new, but that did not work, ha would show the login screen and wouldn’t pass that even if you create a new user. so I removed the new instance and deleted the ha folder and recreated the container, this time I created a user and continued with a setup as I was setting up fresh, when all is well, I stopped the container and copied my old ha config folder (including subfolders, hacs) to the new instance. Then I started the container.

It seem to work, but only partially,

  • all the integrations I had is gone,
  • it shows Homekit integration already setup but somehow my iPhone home app still looking for old setup. on the ha side it shows the pin code (that tells me its not connected to HomeKit). Looks like I have to remove my current pairing on the HomeKit from my iPhone home app and try connect with this new pin, for some reason my mind tells me I am going to have the same situation like before not connecting to HomeKit.

Even though I coped every file and folder from the homeassistant folder to the new instance, why am I not getting my old setup? any help.

how do you copy files?do you mount /config in your compose?

from the ubuntu terminal I did copy command recursive from my old ha to new ha folder.

I know you are helping me in a great way, but I have to say this, once in a while something happen to the HA instance or to my ubuntu setup or even the hardware, I have to go thru setup everything from scratch. I hate to do this, if HA has a nice backup and restore that would be awesome.

now I have to kinda to setup everything. my HomeKit, vera integration, harmony integration and other similar which are all in the automations, if when I re-do and the entity id changes, then I have to go clean up that too. the only help would be that I have the config.yaml and automations.yaml to know what I had.

Are you suggesting any other way for me to get back what I had in ha supervisor setup to this new instance.

thanks again for your support.

Also, I was trying to install HACS, even though I copied the folders that did not work.

See the UI, this is what I get and HACS does not setup properly.

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 6.51.06 PM

in the /config folder (in the root of the container) u should find all .yaml,integration,themes, well all your ha settings and integrations setttings ,entities, groups etc etc etc

yes, I see few yaml’s which I use to modify myself like configuration.yaml, automations.yaml, sensors.yaml. but there is no such file for integrations, do you know the file name?

/custom_components folder in /config

I think at this stage after fiddling all day, what I will do is start from scratch.

Setup a clean install, install HACS, add all the integrations, setup HomeKit.

The only things helpful is all the config files I can refer back to cut and paste to achieve what I need.

Yes, I copied that folder too.

first of all the item “HACS” on the left nav of HA UI is not there, I tried to install and that wouldn’t work either.


Thanks for your help anyway.
I will let you know if run into any issues.

Hey, good news.

As one last try I thought I do this.
cleaned my new instance of HA, this time I actually deleted all the stopped docker containers of supervisor hass. setup a new HA instance, went thru intitial setup and made sure HA works.
when all is good, this is what I did.

  • stopped the new ha instance
  • deleted the homeassistant folder of new instance completely
  • moved the homeassistant folder completed form old to the new location.
  • ran docker-compose again which started the new HA instance.
    oila :slight_smile: I got what I had first thing I were in this morning.

ah I am so relieved. seem to be all intact including the HomeKit.
checked the version of HA and it shows 2021.1.1

I can sleep well tonight. thanks a lot to you for taking time and supporting

good job!

If you use a file setup for hassio in traefik you don’t have to. All my other containers have there traefik settings in the docker-compose yml. Only hassio has a traefik file setup.