Issues upgrading home assistant with supervisor

I am running this supervised home assistant for nearly 6+ months and until 3 months ago it use to update by itself and now it won’t and I checked not sure how are what to do to fix it.

When I try to update Home Assistant it says see supervisor logs, and the log shows
WARNING (MainThread) [] ‘HomeAssistantCore.update’ blocked from execution, system is not healthy

see screenshot for more info

Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 10.10.03 PM
Screen Shot 2021-01-11 at 10.09.50 PM

I tried to find answers from the forums but unable to. Can someone help. thanks.

you are running a very old supervised version… I believe you will need to upgrade it too… hahahaha

How do I update it without losing my configuration and settings?
Shouldn’t the supervisor update automatically by itself?

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heeem… unsure… after reading it again you are running a beta version 2021, so usure why.

thats what I thought, becaz my version seem to be higher than what it says newer, and also I never joined beta channel.

Anyone have idea how to resolve my issue here. thanks.

“you are running an unsupported installation” mean:
u are running under unbutu.
“There are only two supported operating systems to run the Supervisor on”:

  • Home Assistant OS
  • Debian 10 (Buster)"
    “your installation is running an unhealthy state”:
    i think you use watchtower…!!! this is not compatible with hassio supervised, you should find something wrote about this in your logs!

if you need to upgrade but ‘it do not work’ u can use the script “supervised-installer” as you did at the first install. this will upgrade without removing your configuration

if you want to stay on ubuntu you don’t really need all hassio but only home-assistant’s maybe more easy and you will not have this probleme

if u want to stay under ubuntu + hassio supervised then DO NOT UPDATE hassio containers with something else than hassio supervised (docker pull, watchtower …) …
because it update without adding labels or environnement variables to your home-assistant container

thank you for the response. Was the support dropped for Ubuntu sometime after I set it up, becaz first few months I haven’t seen any unsupported messages.

Yes, I like to stay on ubuntu, what do you suggest I do to keep only the home-assistant container.
should I just stop or delete the other hassio containers and just keep home-assistant.

How would I do the future updates going forward?

I had watchtower but after reading on supervisor I removed the watchtower.

if you go for home assistant container only ,you will have to manage add-ons by yourself (ex: portainer,zigbee2mqtt, etc…)
then, just copy all /config directory to in your new hassio container…this one:
this is not the same than your old one! it can use the “lastest” tag and u can update it like others containers, you can remove the others containers
if you go for supervised installation update it ONLY via hassio or via the installation script.

So I have two options

  1. keep my setup as it is and manually run the supervised-installer whenever I need to update it.
  2. setup another home-assistant alone and copy the config from current to new and remove all the hassio stuff. going forward I my watchtower can keep it updated or I can manually pull the update.

Is my understanding right?

Currently even with my setup everything is working perfectly including my HomeKit bridge. and I hope when I move I get all the setup as it is.

Also to mention, I use trafick reverse proxy and have domain name for home-assistant which all works perfectly.

i m using traefik too with a compose’s really more easy without supervised install because you have to add manually your labels for traeffik in the container at each update.
homekit is not a container (add-on) so it should work.
With docker u can just stop all the container and try your new one!

alright I will give it a try now

  1. stop all the hassio containers first
  2. setup the home-assistant stand alone
  3. copy all files from hassio->home-assistant folder to the new installation

How about the backup of my love-lace UI, I don’t maintain yaml file for that I actually edit directly from the home-assistant ui. ?

all should be in /config

great, will let you know how it goes. thanks for all your help.

just remembered, I used to have home-assistant inside my docker-compose file before I had supervisor method. I use to have trouble with either Alexa or home-kit bridge becaz I was unable to setup home-assistant in network: host mode. I am now afraid I would run into same situation again.

here is the update.
I am unable to stop all the hassio containers including the supervisor. I am trying to stop it from portainer and it shows stopped then when I refresh all are running again. what am I doing wrong?

in docker-compose: from

version: '3'
    container_name: home-assistant
    image: homeassistant/home-assistant:stable
      - /PATH_TO_YOUR_CONFIG:/config
      - TZ=America/New_York
    restart: always
    network_mode: host

Thanks for the info, very helpful

I was able to stop and remove the hassio services and stop the containers. for now I just renamed the hassio folder into hassio.die

added the homeassistant:stable into my docker-compose and started it.
first time when it run it asked me to create new username, I ignored it and stopped the new instance of ha and moved the content from my old home assistant folder to the new, but that did not work, ha would show the login screen and wouldn’t pass that even if you create a new user. so I removed the new instance and deleted the ha folder and recreated the container, this time I created a user and continued with a setup as I was setting up fresh, when all is well, I stopped the container and copied my old ha config folder (including subfolders, hacs) to the new instance. Then I started the container.

It seem to work, but only partially,

  • all the integrations I had is gone,
  • it shows Homekit integration already setup but somehow my iPhone home app still looking for old setup. on the ha side it shows the pin code (that tells me its not connected to HomeKit). Looks like I have to remove my current pairing on the HomeKit from my iPhone home app and try connect with this new pin, for some reason my mind tells me I am going to have the same situation like before not connecting to HomeKit.

Even though I coped every file and folder from the homeassistant folder to the new instance, why am I not getting my old setup? any help.

how do you copy files?do you mount /config in your compose?