Issues upgrading VM from 0.91.4 to 0.92.0


I have an installation of Home Assistant 0.91.4 on WmWare Esx 6.5
For installation I use this guide and (downloaded VMDK, created a Workstation VM and then converted to Esx) and all work well for about 1 year (and many version update)

When I try to update from 0.91.4 to 0.92 I have this problem: after update I can login into VM (using CLI) and check ip / HA version but I can’t connect to web (no response on web site IP)
I’ve try a new istallation from VMDK 2.11 (H.A. 9.2), at the end of installation all works but when I restart the VM I have the same problem (no response from web site)

Do you have any idea about the problem\ solution ?



I have managed to get it up running again. Go to console ( in my case Putty SSH )
Then type:

hassio ha update

it took a while here, but after i got lovelace back up and running.
Good luck.

I’ve used your procedure and now work again

Thanks a lot

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