Issues using Grafana Discrete plug-in

I’ve only recently got started with using Grafana with Home Assistant - its been good fun so far, but I’ve hit some problems recently in trying to graph some trackers using the Discrete plug-in, to help troubleshoot and tune presence config.

Firstly I’m not clear on how to format the time axis. Under “Options” I see a “Show Time Axis” toggle, but if I choose that the entire graph becomes a mess, seemingly with time text all overlapping. Unlike other graphs I’ve worked with there doesn’t seem to be a set of options for formatting axes. Ideally I just want to see a simple hourly tick.

Secondly, I’m struggling to name the series correctly. Despite using “Alias By” with a variable ($tag_entity_id) or string, they’re all labelled “value”.

The output and one of the queries is shown below. I’m certain I’m just being dumb here as I see plenty of examples of people doing this right, but having struggled for a while I’m looking for some guidance.