Issues w/ API Password

Hey guys -
I recently enabled the API password for my local network (no remote access yet) w/o a cert; however from Chrome it does not appear to work properly. I get the auth page, but when I auth I get through to the frontend, but I get this persistent notification “Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from”. This doesnt happen w/ Safari.

I did try remotely a few times, and I would get an error message saying “unable to connect” on the login page before and after authenticating.

My config is

  api_password: !secret http_pass
    - ::1

Inside my logs, I see

2017-05-27 14:54:43 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.http.ban] Login attempt or request with invalid authentication from

Any ideas?

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as trusted networks means that you can only log in locally, in other words you can only log in on the system you have HA installed on.

To local in remotely on your home network you should use:

this will allow you to log in from any system on your local network.

Not what I’m after. Adding trusted network bypasses the auth requirement. I want authenticationto work properly on my local network

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Quick guess: Clean Chrome cache.