Issues with Aqara E1 door/window sensors - devices keep going offline after a while

Door Sensors: Xiaomi MCCGQ14LM (Aqara E1 door and window contact)
Repeater: Sonoff S31ZB Smart Plug
Coordinator: Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus (ZBDongle-P, based on CC2652P). Type: zStack3x0, Revision/Firmware: 20211217
Software in HA: Zigbee2MQTT, version 1.27.2

Whenever I pair my two E1 door/window sensors to the above repeater, the connection is successful and the devices work (the open/close status all works). However, after some amount of time (maybe 20 minutes? maybe an hour?), the E1 sensors start showing as offline - even though their LQI was 60+, and they’re located in the same area as other Zigbee sensors that have never gone offline once.

This leads me to believe there is something wrong with the “heartbeat timing” on these E1 sensors and either the Sonoff smart plug or Sonoff coordinator I use. I’ve already confirmed that my coordinator (CC2652P based) has FW (20211217) later than the version recommended on the Z2M E1 sensor info page (linked above). Assuming a FW update is not the solution, are there any other things you can think I should try?


Watching… have the same hardware and issue.

Firmware: 20220219
Zigbee2mqtt: 1.28.0

Third Reality 3RMS16BZ motion sensors are working fine with no disconnects.

FYI, when I replied to this I had just connected my new contact sensors. I’ve restarted HA and it hasn’t happened in the past day

I’ve had nothing but trouble with this sensor in general. I see frequent state changes when there have been none. This was happening even before I installed it, when it was sitting on a desk with the magnet about 5mm from it (desk wasn’t in use, so nothing moving it either)…

Same issue. Had better experience with Tuya contact senors. Ordered more Tuya ones, even though they have a bigger form factor due that they use two AA batteries; but sensor is reliable. Aqara ones keeps disconnecting and I abandoned taking time to reconnect them continously.

Did you ever find a solution to your problem? I’m seeing the same issue with my new E1 sensors and I have all Sonoff S31 Lite smart plugs acting as repeaters.

Nearly same here. Two sensors do not change state after 3-5 days. With Sonoff -E Dongle. Havn’t found a Solution. Clicking on the Sensor button once will wake him up and it works again. Homeassistant thinks, it is still connected.

Hi folks. Did any of you find the solution for these disconnections? I installed 4 days ago 2 door sensors (MCCGQ11LM), and they works fine “when online”, because are disconnecting-connecting many times. The Coordinator is a Sonoff ZBDongle Plus working fine for other Zigbee devices (using Zigbee2MQTT).
I ordered 4 units, 3 for me and 1 for a frien of mine. My friend is really happy, keeps it connected, but I installed 2 of 3, and both connects-disconnects.
My 2 devices with LQI 182 and 61 (one with signal 182, 4 meters away for the coordinator, the other, signal 61, connects to a tuya repeater). The one for my friend, LQI 60 and works perfect, no disconnections.
Following pictures, my sensors…

Following, my friend’s sensor…

Any help for it? Thanks.

Found the solution (in my case). Wasn’t me, a friend of mine told me why that was happening. So, in Zigbee2MQTT settings, Availability, pasive devices (like these sensors working with battery) Timeout was set to 30 minutes. Changing it to 1500 (a bit more than 1440 minutes in 24 hours) fixes the issue.

The explanation for this is easy, but didn’t realize. Pasive device, not sending information every “30” minutes, is considered not connected after the 30 min, as not comunicating with the coordinator. Only if opening and closing the door before the 30 min makes it not disconnecting. So, if not opening/closing, for example during working time, makes it disconnected every 30 min. Changing that number to 1500 minutes allow device to stay connected.