Issues with camera.record service


I am trying to setup an automation in Home Assistant, where if the TensorFlow component detects a person around any of the cameras, I want to trigger a 15 sec video recording, and send the same via Telegram.

The issue that I am having is that the 15s recording is initiated, but never written to disk.
I have verified the path where the stream recording is to be created, and the path is accessible from home assistant.

I am running Home Assistant v 0.97.2 in docker, on Ubuntu 18.04

here are the relavant parts in my configuration.yaml file

- '/media'
- '/share'
- platform: generic
name: cambackyard
still_image_url: http://hauser:hapwd@camip:81/Streaming/channels/102/picture
stream_source: rtsp://hauser:hapwd@camip:554/Streaming/channels/101

The cameras are HikVision cameras, and I have verified the stream_source url by using the same in VLC to get a stream.
The cameras output a H.265 stream

The problem is that when I try using the service console to trigger the camera.recording service, or use the automation, the mp4 file never gets created.
Here is the call I am using to trigger the camera.record service -

service: camera.record
"entity_id": "camera.camgarage",
"filename": "/share/test.mp4",
"duration": "15"

I do not see any errors in my log file regarding the recording or stream components. I have verified that the stream is working as the camera.snapshot function does see the video correctly, and takes a picture at the same path (also done to verify that HA can write a file to the path).

Please guide me on what I am doing wrong.

Try adding to your logger: debug debug

I did add these lines to the config, but I dont see any output

  default: info
  logs: debug debug
    homeassistant.components: info
    homeassistant.components.zwave: debug

Did you solve the problem? I have the same issue… record/snapshot simply does nothing with no error message… the cam in lovelace works fine, even with preload… :frowning: