Issues with creating an automation for Temperature

I am trying to create an automation but it doesn’t seem to get triggered.
What I want:

I have a temperature sensor (Honewell Total Comfort)
In “lovelace” I can easily see the current temperature and that get’s refreshed every ten minutes

If the temperature drops below 22 degrees I want my Panasonic Aquarea to switch on
(Switching the Aquarea on is working well)

What have I tried:
Use Numeric state
below 22

living to 12
(when I manually trigger the automation the Set_Temparature works and is ONLY used as an easy readable sample)

The above Never gets triggered, I guess because I somehow must make the Automation read the state of the temperature?
I guess I need to create a script to be able to get a trigger?
Somehow just adding the following does not seem to receive a trigger:


In Lovelace I can see both the present temperature in “Living”
and set the desired temperature in “Living”


When I activate the Automation, the “SET” temparature drops to “12”

The thing I can’t get to work is receive the trigger.
So How dow I make Home assistant monitor the temperature (climate_living) (current_temparature)
and notice a change?

Your help is kindly appreciated

the trigger will only occur when the temperature crosses 22. If the temperature is already below 22 and moves further below, that will not invoke the trigger.

Rather than using an automation, why not use the Generic Thermostat integration: