Issues with Curtain Motor Aqara ZNCLDJ11LM

I have a few Curtain Motors from Aqara, model ZNCLDJ11LM. Previously I had it configured to work zigbee2mqtt and it was working pretty good. But due to issues with reliability on z2m side, I decided to switch to ZHA build in HA. These motors have paired successfully, mostly I can control motor, but…

  1. It has created 4 different entities, where “switch” and “cover” entities are mostly doing same, but both are a little buggy

  2. Only on start cover entity showed status open or close, after this, it only shows opening/closing (so that it is at the operation of opening/closing curtain)

    I can properly set new position using slider, but it is not being updated properly if I just use the close/open option

  3. On the cover entity, we have 3 buttons, but because status is not being updated it is mostly stuck that the stop button works when close/open buttons are active randomly

  4. Limits look like are set properly and direction of movement also. I can properly set a new position using the slider, but it is not being updated properly if I just use the close/open button.

  5. For now mostly on/off switch is working correctly. It is being updated if I only use this button. I can toggle curtain state without a problem, but I have one automation that only opens the window at 40%.

  6. On/off sensor talks total nonsense. On my screenshot status is “Closed” when my curtains are opened.

I can help to debug it if you want. My Zigbee coordinator is flashed Sonoff Zigbee bridge on Home Assistant 0.114.3. I already reset limit switches in case if it detects wrongly, but no issues with it. When I ask to close it will do a proper movement.