Issues with default_config not loading cloud integration

I updated Home Assistant as recommended and now it says there is something wrong with my config_default that the cloud integration won’t load. I don’t have remote access to my system now. It appears to be working locally though but I can’t access Home Assistant on my phone. I also don’t have the Cloud option in my configuration panel. It all seemed to be working fine before I updated the OS and software. I have attached pictures of my configuration panel, logs, error message, and my configuration.yaml. All my automation is set in node-red.


I have this exact same issue, same errors in my log and it’s also disabled some devices that rely on cloud-connected services (i.e. SmartThings and Tuya)

Any luck resolving this had the same issue
For a few weeks, just got round to looking in to it :slight_smile:

try to delete home-assistant_v2.db and home-assistant.log and reboot. In most cases this helps and HA will reboot. Since I have my HA running on Supervised version, I can monitor how HA boot up from portainer.

Thanks for the reply. No luck though think it will have to be a new install :frowning:

sorry to hear that… but yeah HA need constant back just in case this thing happen

That seems a bi drastic.

According to the errors in the original post it is an invalid config (not a corrupt database). Have you performed a config validation?

This will likely point to what needs fixing.

Maybe drastic (but I know how to do that).

If by config validation you mean from within the UI then yes and all is fine. + Since all the hard work and speedy development that has been going in to HA recently it’s been a long while since I’ve had to do anything with in the config file. ?

Configuration / Server Controls / Check Configuration.

It’s unlikely that you have he same issue as the original poster if this comes back ok.

Breaking changes can invalidate your config.

So I’ve tracked it to my router unifi dream machine. All been working fine since end and last year but it updated maybe 3 weeks ago (guessing that’s when the problem started) and now it doesn’t.
This update also affected my wife’s email on her work laptop (outlook).

Plugged old router in, restated HA and all is fine and connected.

So I’m guessing at this stage that the new software comes with a new features that either needs turning on or off.

Thanks for your help.

Hey Ben, did you figure out what feature was causing this issue? I am experiencing the same issue. One significant event is I changed ISPs and changed how my Ubiquiti USG was connected. Previously it was behind the ISP router with a private IP, now I am doing passthrough with the public on the ASG. I cannot think of any other change.

Yer after 6 weeks of back and forth with technical I finally got to speak to someone that new what he was talking about.
I don’t fully understand it so some of this info may be a little incorrect but hopefully will help you.

My internet is via a pppoe and as such packet sizes are limited this can be managed by a setting with in udm UI called mss clamping. Since an update the auto setting haven’t been doing what it should (for me anyway). So needs setting manually.

There is a way to find out what you max should be but what I was told was set it to 1440. And see how it goes if the problem comes back lower the value. I found after 3 day my cloud connection started to be lost. So I lower it, I have got all the way to 1392 and it seems to be fine now. Or at least has been for the last 2 weeks.

The setting can be found by clicking on the unifi device tab and selecting you main device then I think in service tap. Hope this helps

I have the some problem but I do not have a unifi
what can I do

I had the same problem. What helpt for me was not only removing home-assistant_v2.db and home-assistant.log but also removing the other .log and .db files in the same dir.

Hope this helps someone.