Issues with Echo (Alexa) devices responding to brightness?

Is anyone else seeing this issue with Amazon Echo (Alexa) devices? Essentially after working flawlessly for as long as I can remember, echo devices just stopped responding to brightness commands. I can say “Alexa, turn on kitchen lights”…she replies no prob and lights go on. But if I say, “Alexa, kitchen lights 50%” she replies with “can’t find the device or group”. I’ve reloaded all the entities, reset the HA/Alexa skill, deleted all the entities and rediscovered and no luck. My Google devices control brightness just fine still. Oh, and one other kicker…the alexa app on my phone will respond to brightness commands as will my ecobee thermostat with built in alexa…but all of the actual amazon echo devices (Echo shows, and echo dots) behave the same way. Please help, this is maddening!!!